Breast Treatments In London? Everything The Capital Has To Offer

London is awash of women searching out different breast treatment options. Whether you’re exploring your options with implants or seeking out a reduction, the capital has so much to offer. As the internet is full of information for various treatments, locations and prices, I thought I’d save you all time and put all this data in one place for you, right here on the MedBelle blog. So let’s take a look at breast treatments in London.

Breast Treatments In London

Breast Augmentation In London

This treatment is the most popular procedure in the UK with close to 10,000 women opting for implants every year. Breast augmentation or a “boob job” is the insertion of implants into the breast to increase the volume and profile of the breast. The two main implant shapes on offer are round or teardrop.

  •  Round implants should be considered as ‘volume adders’ – so if you have a naturally beautiful shape to your breast, a round implant would be used to accentuate and add volume to what you already have.  Round implants tend to be more fluid in the breasts compared to teardrop implants, meaning they move as your natural breast would when you stand up or lay down. They are also less likely to develop ripples and creases. 
  • Teardrop implants have a specific design that is beneficial in certain cases.  They have a sloped contour that fills out more on the bottom than the top, mimicking the shape of natural breasts. If you wish to create a more beautiful shape to your breast, then it is likely that a teardrop implant will be recommended for you. Therefore, teardrop implants can be used to accentuate a certain part of your breast due to their stable form.

Breast Treaments in London

Prices of Breast Treatments in London

  • Round Implants start at £4300
  • Teardrop Implants start at £4580, however, some surgeons do not charge an increased price for the teardrop shape.

Breast Reduction In London

Women seek out reductions for many reasons, often because their large bust is causing back, neck or shoulder problems. In some circumstances, women feel their breasts are out of proportion with the rest of the body and find shopping for clothes that fit can be difficult.

A reduction or mammoplasty removes excess breast tissue and fat to reduce the size of the breasts. Excess skin is also removed and the whole area is given an uplift to allow the smaller breasts to sit in a more lifted position.

Prices For Breast Reductions In London

  • Prices start at £5810, but can very dependant on the size of the reduction required. The uplift is also included in this price.

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Breast Uplifts In London

This is one of the most popular breast treatments in London after augmentation. A breast uplift or mastopexy treatment removes surplus skin and remodels the breast tissue into a more youthful and attractive shape. Sagging breasts can make women feel incredibly uncomfortable and self-aware, however, the beauty of an uplift is that is can restore the breasts to a more desirable position for you. The level of the uplift required depends on the degree of sagging and the size of the breasts, but all this is discussed in consultation with your BAAPS/BAPRAS surgeon.

Breast Uplift Prices in London

  • Prices start from £5038.

Breast uplifts are always included in a reduction, but they are also often combined with breast enlargement in order to add volume and restore perkiness to the entire bust area. Unsure if a breast uplift is right for you? Watch this informative video with answers to FAQs.

Implant Removal and Revision in London

There are various reasons why a woman would seek out implant removal or revision. There could be a fault or damage affecting the shape or condition of the implant or over time the body has changed drastically and therefore the results have altered. Perhaps they have simply changed their mind about having implants. In order to have your implants removed/replaced, you’ll need to have a consult with a surgeon who will examine your current augmentation and advise treatment from there. The myth that implants need replacing every ten years is false and the implant only needs replacing if it’s damaged. All MedBelle surgeons use implants that have a lifetime guarantee.

Prices for Implant Revision in London

  • Implant Removal from £2919
  • Removal and Uplift from £7020, due to the loss of volume with an implant removal, many patients find they may need an uplift if they are not opting to have a replacement implant.
  • Implant Removal and Replacement from £5390

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Nipple Correction in London

The aim of this procedure, as you know is to make inverted nipples protrude in a natural way. It’s a simple procedure that typically takes place under local anaesthetic, but in rare cases, it may take place under general. 

Nipple inversion is judged in grades, these are:

  • Grade 1
    • This is the mildest form of nipple inversion meaning nipples may be flat or slightly inverted.
    • They will, however, evert in response to stimuli such as touch or temperature.
    • Nipple projection is maintained for some time before returning back to inverted state.

    Grade 2

    •  Are slightly more inverted than grade 1.
    • Nipples will evert with stimuli/manipulation but immediately return to inverted state.

    Grade 3

    • This is the most severe form of nipple inversion.

    ● Meaning there is complete inversion that stimuli will not invert.

Prices for Nipple Correction Treatments in London:

  • Bilateral Nipple Correction from £2540, both nipples.
  • Unilateral Nipple Correction from £1740, one nipple.

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Organising Breast Treatments in London with MedBelle

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Here at MedBelle, we’re here to help. Should you have any further questions, concerns or queries feel free to get in touch. Our patient care advisers are on hand to assist you in any way and are ready support you throughout your entire treatment process.  If you’re considering breast treatments in London, we’re here to guide you.