Why You Should Have Your Breast Surgery In Winter To Aid Recovery

Perhaps you are contemplating having breast surgery and are trying to get all the information and knowledge together. If this is the case, I’m here to help. I aim to provide advice and experience regarding breast treatment. Timing is essential when having any sort of surgery due to the recovery period. Now, you maybe be having breast surgery to give you your ideal beach body, but it is in fact winter when the procedure should be carried out. Here are all the reasons why breast surgery in winter makes for a more pleasant recovery for you.

Having Breast Surgery In Winter Favours Recovery Far Better

After having any sort of breast treatment the first week is a full relaxation week. You will be required to rest-up and avoid any sort of strain, exercise or work. Depending on your surgery you may even be required to wear special supportive bras. What better time to lie on the sofa all wrapped up than in winter?  You’ll enjoy it much more as you relax and catch up on Netflix, if you’re toasty warm and surrounded by carefree activities to do.

  • First-week post surgery: Absolutely no physical activities at all, including showering
  • Two to three weeks post surgery: Build up to light physical activities such as housework
  • Four to five weeks: None vigorous exercise such as cycling should be fine.
  • Six weeks onwards: All normal activities can be resumed if everything has gone well with your surgery.

Winter Surgery Is Best For Recovery

Should everything go according to plan, once the first two to three weeks are over you are able to introduce more gentle activities such as low-level housework and light exercise. It’s far easier to be lax on the exercise due to the cold weather outside and dark nights so you won’t feel you’re missing out as much. As explained in the bullet points above, it’s all a matter of waiting until your body has recovered to regain your active lifestyle again. Why not wrap up and see out winter snug in your own home and wait to see your transformation completed?

Scarring And Settling

Having breast surgery in winter means that by the time the summer rolls around your brand new breasts are ready for bikinis, low cut tops, dresses and sunshine. In order to minimise scarring, keeping the marks out of the sun is important as the UV rays can lighten the skin, thus making the scars more prominent. Weather in the UK means you need not fear the sun in winter. You’ll be comfortably wrapped up at all times, allowing your skin to heal faster.

Breast Surgery in Winter

As with any treatment, it takes time for your body to recover and settle. Along with scarring, if you were to have breast surgery in winter, any swelling would have vanished by the summer. This means your breasts will look natural and you’re able to feel comfortable showing off your new cleavage.

Finances And Time Off Work

Financially breast surgery in winter also makes sense. Christmas gifting and money means you may be more available to finance the procedure yourself. On the other hand, you may have the option to save up over the year and make it your gift to yourself. Imagine starting the new year feeling like your new, improved and happy self. On another note, as you will obviously need to take time off of work at the beginning of recovery. Therefore, booking time off in the winter months is far easier. Due to the fact, everyone else will be using up their holiday allowance on summer holidays. Whatever you decide, make sure you are well informed and completely happy with all aspects of your surgery.

If you would like to take the next step towards treatment, visit our website for free advice.

Dear Santa, As I’ve Been Such A Good Girl This Year…

Whether you’ve been an angel or a little devil this year, we all still deserve to find something fabulous under the tree. Therefore, I have created the ultimate Christmas wishlist for you to share with all your loved ones as a gentle hint.

Listen to this absolute classic Christmas tune in order to get into the mood for the festive season:

Dear Santa, Here’s My Christmas Wishlist:

1. DeBeers’s Aura Sleeper Earrings, £9850

De Beers Earrings Christmas Wishlist

Tis the season to sparkle, therefore diamonds are a must. If you are going to do diamonds, DeBeers is a must. A favourite amongst legends such as Audrey Hepburn. These decadent jewels will have you smiling for many years to come.

2. Elvie Pelvic Floor Exerciser And Tracker, £160

Elvie Pelvic Floor Christmas Wishlist


Who doesn’t want better orgasms for Christmas? Well, with this gadget you’re able to improve pelvic muscle strength, which will improve orgasm ability and intensity. Plus, you’re able to track your progress via your smartphone. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

3. Vogue 100 Hardback Book, £35

Vogue 100 Christmas Wishlist

All fashion lovers need this stylish hardback documenting the century of style Vogue created. The book is filled with photos, quotes and archived material, all finished off with the organisation of the big 100th birthday party. I only hope I look as good at 100 as Vogue does.

4. Hermès Flânerie à Versailles Silk Scarf, £280

Hermes Scarf Christmas Wishlist

Be sure to add this stunning silk scarf to your Christmas wishlist to brighten up those miserable winter months. It’s near impossible to feel depressed when you look at the colours and feel the silk against your skin.

5. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer, £400

Dyson Hairdryer Christmas Wishlist


Dyson has gained our love and attention for their vacuum cleaners and fans, so when they announced they would be producing hairdryers we were over the moon. It boasts excellent drying abilities and strong airflow. Yes, ok, it does look a little like a sex toy, but for a beautiful hair, we don’t mind putting up with that.

6. Acqua Di Parma Peonia Nobile, 50 ml, £76

Acqua Di Parma Christmas Wishlist

Acqua Di Parma’s fragrances are legendary, so finding this beauty under the tree would be wonderful. The exquisite bottle contains one of the most feminine scents you’ll ever come across. It’s womanly with the elegance of peony blossoms and yet incredibly refreshing.

7. Ladies Vintage Mint Green Bike, £200

Ladies Mint Bike Christmas Wishlist

Get on your bike and burn off those Christmas calories. A mint green bike is truly a joy to behold, simply fill the basket with wild flowers, a bottle of wine and a fresh baguette and you are the epitome of French style. Extra points if you also have a puppy in your basket.

8. Manolo Blahnik Inuk Booties, £1280

Manolo Blahnik Boots Christmas Wishlist

Manolo Blahnik a.k.a the reigning King of footwear has designed this stunning pair of snakeskin booties that would shake up any wardrobe. Pair with skinny jeans or a leather mini skirt and you’ll most definitely stop traffic.

9. Afternoon Tea at Downton Abbey, £30 per person

Tea at Downton Christmas Wishlist

If, like me, you’re a raging Downton fan and are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, fear not, as you can now take tea at Downton. Highclere Castle has opened it’s doors to the show’s fans and you’re able to experience afternoon tea within the grounds. Make like Lady Mary and don a hat and a sassy eye roll.


10. Chanel Boy Bag, £4360

Chanel Boy Bag Christmas Wishlist

Add this fabulous update to the classic Boy bag to your Christmas wishlist immediately. This piece is an instant way of adding colour and texture to your wardrobe, whilst scoring you serious style points. Bravo Mr Largerfeld, Bravo.

11. Fortnum & Mason Champagne Hamper, £400

Fortnum and Mason Champagne Christmas Wishlist

You know you’re in for a treat when you’re doing your food shop in the same store as the Queen. Arguably one of the most sought after picnic baskets ever made, stuffed full of 6 of the finest bottles of bubbly ever. A must have for anyone’s Christmas wishlist. Cheers!

If I wake up on Christmas morning to find one of these gifts waiting for me, I shall be intensely happy. So Father Christmas, if you’re listening, hook a girl up and I promise to be much better next year.

Santa Baby, Here Are The Luxury Stocking Fillers We Want This Year

You are never too old for a Christmas stocking. However, gone are the days where we’d be content with a satsuma or fuzzy socks. In the words of Elizabeth Taylor “Big girls need big diamonds“, ok, so maybe you won’t get diamonds, but we have compiled the stocking fillers we’re yearning for. Hopefully, they will inspire you when shopping for others too.

Have a listen to the divine Miss Eartha Kitt as she presents her Christmas stocking filler wish-list, while you peruse our list:

10 Utterly Divine Stocking Fillers For You To Gift This Year

1.Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle Soap Bar, £21

Chanel Soap Stocking Fillers

Why wash yourself in plain old soap, when you can bathe in Chanel? Start your day off right with this luxuriously creamy perfumed bar and you’ll feel fabulous all day long. Soap, after all, is a classic stocking filler, this is just its upgrade.

2. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Full Collection, £210

Huda beauty Lip Matte Stocking Fillers

Huda Beauty has exploded all over the cosmetic scene and their matte liquid lipstick is incredibly sought after. So why not make someone’s Christmas and give them this gorgeous gift box with all of the shades?

3. Jo Malone Limited Edition Orange Bitters Candle, £165

Jo Malone Limited Edition Stocking Fillers

One of Jo Malone’s candles is always a welcome gift whatever the occasion, however, this year Jo’s upped the ante. If you’re at a loss as to what to buy that certain someone this limited edition candle is a sure hit. The intoxicating scent will make even the Grinch feel festive and the stunning package would look grand on any mantle piece.

4. Olivia Von Halle’s Coco Oyster Silk Pyjamas in Pink, £350

Olivia Von Halle Pyjamas Stocking Fillers

Well, you have to look your best to see Father Christmas, don’t you? In these exquisite silk pyjamas, you’re guaranteed to doze like Sleeping Beauty. You’re even able to personalise the top with initial embroidery, so very lux.

5. Lucas’s Paw Paw Ointment, £5.99

Paw Paw Ointment Stocking Fillers

Paw Paw is an absolute cult classic and can be used to treat dry lips, burns and nappy rash. The red tube is instantly recognisable and perfect to throw into handbags for whatever you may need it for.

6. Le Labo Thé Noir 29 Eau De Parfum 100ml, £165

Le Labo The Noir 29 Stocking Fillers

I wish there was a scratch and sniff option so you could breathe in this amazing scent. The mixture of tea from Ceylon, bergamot and vetiver gives a great heady aroma that lasts all day. I guarantee this will garner you many compliments. Furthermore, you are also able to personalise the bottle for that added special touch.

7. Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings Eyebrow Shaping Kit, £24.50

Benefit Brow Kit Stocking Fillers

Brows are bigger than ever and they are showing no sign of disappearing. Benefit are fully aware of this and have created this utterly adorable kit that offers up everything you need to compete with Cara Delevingne’s caterpillars. The kits include brow wax, contouring powder, two application brushes and a mini pair of tweezers. Plus, the kitsch brand includes mini-guides to help even the most make-up shy.

8. Cremè De La Mer’s Classic Cream, 2oz, £250

Creme De La Mer Stocking Fillers

There is simply no denying Cremè De La Mer’s status within the world of beauty. Even the mere mention of the cream sparks conversation and I won’t lie and say that I don’t pride myself having a pot on my vanity table. Treat yourself or the women in your life and they’ll be thanking you well into the new year.

9. Nano B’s Gold and Charcoal Toothbrush, £9.99

Gold and Charcoal Toothbrush Stocking Fillers

Stocking fillers should ideally have a purpose and well, brushing with a regular toothbrush is so old news. The latest way to keep those teeth pearly white is to use a charcoal and gold brush. The combination of the two work to improve tooth strength and whiten your smile naturally. In addition to that, you feel like an absolute queen brushing with gold.

10. Essie’s Holiday Nail Polish Gift Set 2016, £20

Essie Nail Kit Stocking Fillers

Essie has such wonderful shades in its back catalogue and we’re delighted with the festive set. Plus, the four complimenting colours create wonderful manicures, which would make one of the best perfect stocking fillers for budding nail artists.

I do hope there is something on the list that you’ve got your eye on and that has inspired you for when you commence you Christmas shop. Just try not to buy everything for yourself, tis the season of giving after all.

Treat Yourself This Christmas & Start Your Breast Treatment Journey With MedBelle

Christmas is just around the corner and the excitement is already mounting. Now, we are taught from a very young age that Christmas is a time for sharing and giving. However, there are only so many unwanted presents a woman can accept graciously. How many of us have experienced this:

Upset with bad Christmas present: Breast Treatment Costs

Christmas this year, instead of spending all your time, money and effort on others, who in turn gift you an ironing board cover from M&S, treat yourself. Ladies, I propose that this holiday season we spoil ourselves, as only we know what we truly want.

Perhaps you have been considering breast treatment for some time now? Why not make it happen this holiday season? At MedBelle we specialise in matching patients with their perfect surgeon. We help you every step of the way, so why not treat yourself to something you’ve been longing for?

Let’s take a look at breast treatment costs and the options available and just what MedBelle has to offer.

MedBelle Logo MB Global Health

MedBelle’s Breast Treatment Costs

  1. Breast Enhancement:  Increase of breast size using either saline, silicon or fat transfer from £4000.
  2. Breast Reduction: Decrease of breast size with the removal of some of the breast tissue from £5000.
  3. Breast Uplift: Re-shaping and boosting of breasts for a perkier, younger effect from £5000.

Costs of the procedures do include all aftercare. Plus, when you select MedBelle, that all important consultation with the surgeon is free. On the assumption that you’ve been considering surgery or are simply unhappy with how you feel about your breasts, this could be the ideal Christmas present to yourself. Breast treatment is a gift that would shape your confidence and body image; something you arguably can’t put a price on.

I hope this rough price guide gives you an idea of what breast treatment costs. In addition, the bonus of using MedBelle means your surgery is tailored to you with the help of your personal advisor. The team is here waiting to help, so if you feel ready to take the next step or simply to enquire further, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Whatever you decide to gift yourself this Christmas, make it something life changing.

If you would like to take the next step towards treatment, visit our website for free advice.

You Are Cordially Invited To Be Fabulous: 6 Festive Make-up Looks To Try

If like me, the invitations have started pouring in and you’ve got to somehow come up with ten new parties looks for the holidays season, don’t panic. I have done the leg work for you and devised six easier ways to update your festive make-up for the Christmas and New Year period.

6 Festive Make-Up Looks That Are Simple Yet Dazzling

1.Throw Some Glitter At It

Pat McGrath Glitter Lip Kits Festive Make Up

Let your lips do the talking with Pat McGrath’s incredible lip-kits. Her carefully designed packs allow you to smother your pout with the richest of pigments to really get you in the festive mood. Take care to keep the rest of the face simple, in order to avoid looking too done.

2. Vamp It Up With An Un-Done Smokey Eye

Who says Christmas makeup has to be super sweet and pretty? Enjoy the chance to let your hair down and add some sex appeal to your evening look. Lisa Eldridge’s make-up tutorial is wonderfully simple to follow, in addition, it will take you from plain Jane to vampy mistress in no time.

3. Nail The Festive Feeling With An Update In Polish Colour

Chanel and Dior Berry Nails With Gold Tips Festive Make-up

Winter calls for berry and bordeaux tones and you won’t find finer coverage than Chanel’s Le Vernis range. In order to add some glam to this festive makeup look, add the slick of gilded gold to the tips. Be sure to keep nails short and elegant, though.

4. Go For The Gold With Metallics

Pat McGrath Metalmorphisis Festive Make-up

Pat’s done it again if this set is anything to go by. The pigmentation of these colours is out of this world, making them perfect for Christmas parties. In order, to really sparkle, coat your lids with these luscious tones and keep the face bare. Arguably one of the greatest eye kits to come out in ages, plus there is something to suit all skin tones. It really is the perfect festive make-up look.

5. Hollywood Glam Ensures You’re The Shining Star

There is a reason Old Hollywood glamour never goes out of style and that is because of its allure and sex appeal. The look has been recreated over time and time again, always with a nod back to a movie age gone-by. Charlotte Tilbury’s take gives a nice modern twist to the look. The gold shimmer and lips that look like you’ve been sipping mulled wine creates the perfect festive make-up look. Release your inner starlet and get ready for your close-up.

6. Emeralds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Green Eyeshadow festive make-up

Luscious greens and deep emeralds will ensure you’re noticed this Christmas. Imagine wearing a beautifully tailored smoking suit with hair slicked back and these dazzling eyes, you will be the chicest gal in town. Nonetheless, this look isn’t for the faint of heart, but I assure you, if you’re brave enough everyone else will be green with envy. Nars’s khaki tones in Night Porter will ease you in slowly or go all out with Mac’s New Crop. The greens are reminiscent of Christmas trees, so just wait, people will be placing gifts at your feet in no time.

I hope you have fun this Christmas period and experiment with some of these festive make-up looks. Now, grab a glass of champagne and find that guy under the mistletoe.

Sources: (Nars, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Lisa Eldridge, Pat McGrath, Chanel, Dior)