A New Year Dawns & A New You Awakens: What Breast Treatments Are Available To You?

Perhaps you’ve already started planning what resolutions you’re going to make in the New Year? You’ve probably already decided which ones won’t last longer than two weeks. However, have you considered that a fresh new year brings a variety of new opportunities? If you have been considering breast treatments, why not use this as an excuse to begin your surgery journey and start 2017 off feeling great naked?



Breast Treatments Available To You In 2017

  1. Enlargements

    breast treatments

Whether you’re unhappy with your bust size or have lost volume over the years, a breast enlargement could be for you. Breast enlargements use either silicon or saline implants. You have the choice between round or teardrop shaped implants too. Both the shape and material of the implant will have benefits.

When undergoing a breast enlargement the volume of the breast is increased. However, this is measured in cc’s rather than cup sizes. Therefore it’s advised you try the rice test to find your ideal volume.

There is the option of fat transfer, wherein which fat from your thighs is injected into the breast tissue. Of course, you need to consider that this would create two areas that need recovering rather than one.

2. Reductions

breast treatments

There may be a variety of reasons why a woman may seek breast reduction treatments. For some, the size of their natural breast can cause great discomfort and pain. For others, there may be feelings of awkwardness and a loss of confidence due to breasts being out of proportion with the rest of the body. Whatever the motivation there are breast treatments out there to help.

Breast reduction surgeries typically remove excess breast tissue and skin reducing the volume and giving a lift to any previous sagging.

3. Uplifts

Sex After Breast Surgery

Time, weight and pregnancy can all affect the perkiness of breast tissues. Therefore, if the sagginess of your breasts is causing discomfort or a loss of confidence you are able to undergo a breast uplift. Incisions are created and the nipple area relocated to return the breast to a younger and perkier position.

4. Male Breast Reductions and Transgender Surgeries.

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At MedBelle it’s not simply female breast treatments that we offer. The team is at hand to assist men who for various reasons have large breast tissue deposits. Likewise, we happily work with male to female and female to male patients who are transitioning and seeking surgery. Our greatest concern is your care and happiness. If you have been considering surgery or simply have more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.




If You Ain’t Got No Money, Take Your Broke Ass Home: The Most Luxurious Products In The World

We all need a spot of pampering every now and again, so why not treat yourself with one of the most luxurious products in the world? From face creams with gold in or rare perfumes, these beauty goodies are sure to get you feeling like the queen you are.


The World’s Most Luxurious Products

  1. Orogold 24K Nano Night Recovery £1230


Why on earth would you not want to roll back the ages with this night elixir packed full of 24 Karat gold? Yes, the price is a little out of this world. However, the cream is a weekly treatment so it will last longer than any other night cream.

2. Boucheron’s Limited Edition Crème De La Mer Case £12,230

Luxurious Products

Absolutely everybody has a pot of Crème De La Mer sitting on their vanity table now. So why not outdo your friends with this limited edition Boucheron case for your cream? It’s made from mother of pearl and gold and is extremely exquisite.

3. DKNY Limited Edition Golden Delicious Perfume Bottle £820,000

luxurious products

DKNY didn’t hold anything back when creating this decadent perfume bottle. It homes it’s most popular scent, but really it’s the packaging that’s got us going wild. Donna Karen worked with jewellery designer Martin Katz to create a special one-of-a-kind bottle. It’s crafted in 14-karat yellow and white gold and contains 183 yellow sapphires, 2,700 white diamonds, a 1.6-carat turquoise Paraiba tourmaline from Brazil, a 7.18-carat oval Cabochon sapphire from Sri Lanka, 15 vivid pink diamonds from Australia, 4-rose cut diamonds, a 3.07-carat oval cut ruby, a 4.03-carat pear shape rose cut diamond, and a 2.43-carat divine vivid yellow Canary diamond crowning the cap. Go on, treat yourself.

4. Guerlain’s Diamond Encrusted Lipstick £51,000

luxurious products

Sometimes what you need to do is pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together. Well, why not choose the fanciest lipstick around? Guerlain’s diamond encrusted lippie harks back to the golden age of Hollywood. I wouldn’t just throw it in your handbag, though.

5. Velour Mink False Eyelashes £42

luxurious products

I shall definitely be investing in these fluttering beauties and I especially love the crystal detail. Falsies are a huge part of modern-day makeup now, so why not wear the very best?

6. Theodent 300 Toothpaste £82

luxurious products

If you want a dazzling smile, you need a dazzling toothpaste. Theodent 300 uses minerals and cocoa bean extract to keep your pearlies as white as possible. Yes, that’s right, you get to brush your teeth with chocolate, what an age we live in.

I hope you all get the time to pamper yourselves in the new year and start 2017 feeling like a complete goddess, even if your bank account isn’t feeling too flush after buying these luxurious products.


Hit The Nail On The Head: Nail Trends 2017

Over the past couple of years, nail trends have gone from strength to strength. Thanks to improvements in nail polish formulas and the expansion of materials at hand, absolutely everyone can shake up their nail style. 2017 is no different, the catwalks saw many different themes on models nails. I’ve therefore compiled a list of my favourite nail trends to look forward to in the new year.


Nail Trends To Try In 2017

  1. Delicate GlitterNail Trends 2017

    Of course, I was always going to feature glitter in my top nail trends list for 2017. But, this glitter is much softer and elegant compared to all out sparkle nails. Rodarte showed pretty nails with glitter placed delicately at the cuticle of the nail. However, if that’s too fussy for you, simply try a gentle wash of glitter over nude pink and you’ll nail this trend. Try OPIs I Reached My Gold Glitters (£14).

2. Blood Red Nails

Nail Trends 2017

Blood red nails shall always be stylish. There’s just something about a woman wearing perfectly polished red nails that makes you pay attention. Kate Spade sent her models down the runway in glossy shades of red and Rebecca Minkoff broke down the manicure and highlighted the different parts of the nail. Try Butter’s Saucy Jack polish to achieve this look (£15).

3. Mirrored Metallics

Nail Trends 2017

Shine on, ladies! This metallic trend adds a futuristic feel to your outfit, whilst remaining luxurious. Gild your nails in gold or make them shimmer with silver. Philip Lim painted his girls with brilliant chrome colours, whereas Michael Costello finished the tips off with sparkly pinks. Chanel’s Peridot (£22) is an oldie but a goodie and shines in greens and golds depending on the angle.

4. Oceanic Angles

Nail Trends 2017

Want to add a fresh feel to your nails, look no further. The runways saw graphic designers and tropical aqua blues storm the stage. From Novis to Christian Siriano, this oceanic hue had us longing for beach holidays. Plus, the graphic designs kept it modern and cool. Try Essie’s In The Cab-Ana (£7) to get this look.

I will definitely be sporting all of these nail trends next year. It’s always surprising how much a difference painting your nails can have on your mood. So take some time out for yourself and get creative on those nails.

Rice & Easy: Find Your Ideal Breast Size With The Rice Test

Rice has many uses, from forming the basis of many well-loved meals to absorbing moisture from unwanted places. Well, were you aware that rice can be used to help find your ideal breast volume before surgery? That’s right, the rice test is a way of patients of finding a volume they are happy with and to help them gain an idea of how they will look post procedure. I have explained exactly how to do the test you below, so keep reading and try out the rice test to work out exactly what you’re looking for in augmentation.

How To Do The Rice Test

The rice test is a fast and easy way to get an idea of how you would look with different sizes of breast implants. Rice will sit comfortably against your body and will shape in a natural way. Thereby, giving you a clear idea of what volume increase you could be looking at for your bust.

Rice Test

In order to create your own rice sizers at home, simply follow the instructions below. These will allow you to work out the volume of the breasts you’re after. Once you have made your homemade sizers, place them inside of a sports bra and you will begin to get an idea of how you can enhance your bust with breast augmentation.

The Rice Test Size Guide

To make your homemade breast implants:

  • Cut a 12-inch length of tights or stockings (do not use the foot).
  • Tie a knot in one end.
  • Fill the length with rice according to the chart below:
    Make a knot at the open end so that the rice sits fairly loosely and will conform to the breast shape when placed inside a bra.

Rice Test

Ziploc freezer bags can be used instead of tights, but stockings or tights are usually more comfortable and fall into a more natural shape when placed inside the bra. Should you find yourself out of rice, other fillers that can be used including oats or instant potato flakes.

The Rice Test

Take time to wear the rice sizers around the house in various different style clothing so you know how you’ll look and feel in everything you wear post surgery. Be aware that volume doesn’t necessarily equate cup size. A D cup on one woman could be a C on another. It’s more about finding a size and shape you’re happy with rather than just picking a cup size.

MedBelle Recommends The Rice Test

Here at Medbelle, we advise all our patients to try the rice test to really get a feel for the change they are about to embark on. Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us as our team is waiting to help.

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If you would like to take the next step towards treatment, visit our website for free advice.

Go Out With A Bang: New Years Outfits To Get You In The Party Mood

I think we can all safely say that 2016 has been quite an eventful year. So, let’s say goodbye to it in style. Which is why you should grab a bottle or two of champagne and get your glad rags on because we’ve got your New Years outfits sorted. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you look fabulous and avoid pulling a Bridget on the last night of the year:

5 Sensational New Years Outfits To Get You In The Spirit

  1. Dance The Night Away With Sparkles And Fringe

    New Years OutfitsWell, it wouldn’t be NYE without a bit of glitter, would it? You’ll be sure to look like the firecracker you are as you spin around in this number on the dancefloor. Try this Alberta Ferretti Flapper dress (£3715) teamed with Saint Laurent’s classic strappy sandal (£510) and the look is all finished off with this divine art deco box clutch from Edie Parker (£1295). So, go crazy, make Gatsby proud and shimmy your way through the night.

2. Throw Some Serious Colour At It

New Years Outfits

Just because the Northern Hemisphere celebrated NYE in darkest winter doesn’t mean you have to be in dark colours. Instead, try lighting up the night with neons tones. Start your year off with a flourish of colour and brighten everyone’s evening. This new season Moschino dress (£480) will add a bit of pep to your walk. It’s combined with Sophia Webster’s Bloomsbury booties (£487) and Givenchy’s mini pink bow cut clutch (£845). Make like a bird of paradise and evoke tropical vibes.

3. Jump In A Jumpsuit For Serious Sex Appeal

New Years Outfits

Who says you have to wear a dress on NYE? This ASOS jumpsuit (£65) is practical and yet it oozes feminine sex appeal. The one piece has been teamed with Charlotte Olympia’s Salsa heel (£495) and Dior’s Lady Dior Croisière clutch in champagne (£710). This outfit is sure to get you noticed as you cooly sip your champagne.

4. Velvet Lux For A Formal Affair

New Years Outfits
Velvet blazers are having a moment at the minute, but quite honestly they have never gone out of style. Which is why I love this Archive by Alexa Chung for Marks and Spencer jacket (£75) pair with matching tuxedo trousers or go hard and pop a pair of leather trousers on. I’ve teamed it with Gianvito Rossi’s Marquis Mary Janes (£795) and Jill Haber’s structural clutch (£760) to complete this sophisticated look. Now, work the room and enjoy your evening.

5. Pulling All The Stops Out

New Years Outfits

This is the New Years Outfit to end all New Years outfits. Why not see 2016 in in utmost glamour and welcome in 2017 with glitz and style? Dolce & Gabbana have provided this decadent fairytale gown (POA) and yes, you could team very simple accessories with this, but I thought, it’s NYE, let’s party. Gucci’s Allie T Bar Sandals (£725) will make you feel like a movie star all night. Plus, this unicorn knuckle duster clutch from Alexander McQueen (£2095) is out of this world. You cannot not have a truly magical night in this outfit.

I hope you try something new this New Years with a great and exciting New Years Outfit. Happy New Year from all of the team here. Cheers.