January Blues Are Over, Let The Sunshine In: Perk Up January With Your Wardrobe

January is, without doubt, the most depressing month of the year. It’s cold, it’s wet, you’re poor and on a massive Christmas comedown. However, your wardrobe doesn’t have to be quite so sad. Wearing colour actively changes your mood and can lift spirits of those around you. So inject some colour and print into your winter wardrobe to beat the January blues.

January blues

Make like the Sex And The City Girls and offset bright colours and exciting prints against the harsh, miserable city background. You’ll be sure to stand out and brighten, not only your day, but those around you too.

January blues are banished

January blues

Follow in the footsteps of these designers and banish the grey and burn the black. Dries Van Noten takes a walk on the wild side with all-over leopard print. If that’s too saucy for you try block colours as shown by J.W Anderson and Moschino. Perhaps, you’d like something a little more subtle, Erdem’s shimmering florals will see your winter blossom and the January blues lifted.

How To Inject Colour Into Your January Wardrobe?

January Blues

It may be chilly outside but these coats will leave you walking on sunshine. Burberry’s floral trench (£1595) is wonderfully elegant and feminine and will instantly have you dreaming of spring. You can beat those pesky showers with this rubber duck yellow raincoat from Stutterheim (£185), make like the late Debbie Reynolds and sing in the rain. For a cooler twist take Pinko’s graphic print bomber (£250) to switch up the black, boring leather. Add a touch of glamour with this emerald green Topshop boyfriend coat (£79), pair with jeans for an off-duty chic look.


New shoes are a guaranteed way of making you feel happier, plus these beauties will see you through winter and tred all over those January blues:

January Blues

If you’re afraid of colour this is the perfect way of injecting it in small doses. Once these are on your feet you’ll be dancing through the storm. Take Kurt Geiger’s patterned block heel bootie (£110) or Manolo Blahnik fun and frivolous fur trimmed Remolas (£875). How about standing out in these intricate Irregular Choice floral ankle boots (£119)? Patent boots will always be sexy and PVC is having a moment at the minute, so, invest in these LK Bennet beauties (£110).

January doesn’t last forever and with clothes and accessories like this, it will whizz by. Shine on, ladies.


Less Working Girl More Working Woman: Make Up That’s Appropriate For The Office

Navigating the pit falls of office dress code and office makeup is a difficult one. How to express your individuality whilst remaining professional? Well, makeup is a quick way add a little personal flair to your appearance whilst adhering to your work’s appearance rules. Let me guide you through what’s appropriate for your office makeup look and what should be left for cocktail hour. Remember, Melanie Griffith in Working Girl? Well, you want to be post makeover with “a head for business and a bod for sin.”

Office Makeup, What You Should And Shouldn’t Wear

Office MakeUpAs you can see from the images above, neutral tones that highlight your best features will allow you to feel elegant and attractive when at work. You shall still retain a professional image and a look this simple shall last all day. On the contrary, there is the overdone look. Heavy eye makeup, overdone brows and dark lips are just overkill. Remember, less is definitely more, you can always keep a lipstick handy and glam up your look once clocking out time rolls around.

Here are a few tips to remember when applying your face in the mornings:

  1. Your makeup needs to last all day; you don’t want to have to keep retouching your look because it’s melting away. Buy quality products and keep it simple.
  2. Get your makeup routine down, so it becomes habit. That way you don’t even have to think about it, thus giving you more time in bed in the morning..
  3. Office makeup should not be distracting; remember, you want people to be listening to what you’re saying without being focused on your face because you’ve decided to try out a new makeup trend that morning.
  4. The wonderful thing about makeup is that it can make you feel more confident and give you a little skip in your step. Take that energy to work with you and you’re bound to do well. Feel confident, but it shouldn’t be obvious that’s it’s the makeup that’s making you feel so powerful.

Investment Products That Will Get You Through Even The Toughest Day At Work

  1. A Good Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real, £19.50

Office MakeupLong, thick eyelashes will make you look more awake instantly, so even if you you’ve been slaving away at your desk, your eyes won’t give you away. I love this mascara, it’s easy to apply and gives instant curl and richness to your lashes.

2. Prep The Skin With A High Quality Primer: Lancôme’s La Base Pro Perfecting Make Up Primer Smoothing Effect Oil-Free, £28.50

Office makeupIf you want smooth and natural looking office makeup, you’ll need to start with a primer.  Due to the fact primers offer an even layer to the skin it will form the perfect base to build your makeup on. Lancôme’s primer is great, even for sensitive skin and contains no oil which will reduce any midday shininess.

3. Add A Hint Of Colour With Your Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown’s Chocolate Eye Palette £42.50

office makeupInvest in a timeless palette like this Bobbi Brown one, you’ll be able to mix and match colours and it will also take you from the office to the bar seamlessly. Bobbi’s makeup formulas make getting ready so easy and it will fit perfectly in your handbag too.

Feel free to experiment further with other colours, just be sure to pick either lips or eyes. Never add a vibrant colour to both for the office. Keep your office make up subdued and let you work do the talking.


Surgery Nightmares: Why Travelling Abroad For Breast Treatments Could Be Dangerous

When considering breast treatments obviously finances come into play. Whether you’re self-funding or in need of a loan, sooner or later you’re going to have to find the means to pay for your surgery. Therefore, it’s completely understandable that you’d want to look for the best possible deal. Thousands of women are now taking to travelling abroad in order to have cheap breast surgery. But at what cost is this really at? When you think about travelling abroad for breast treatments you may think that you might be saving yourself a hefty sum, but are the risks worth it?

travelling abroad for breast treatments

The Risks Of Travelling Abroad For Breast Treatments

It’s perfectly understandable that when enquiring about the cost of treatments that if you’re to see a considerable difference in price, it may seem tempting to go for the cheaper option. However, let me ask you this. If you were to purchase a designer handbag, would you go straight to the source, pay full price from a validated seller knowing if there are any issues you can return? Or would you travel elsewhere, to maybe someone not quite so reputable, pay less, but have no guarantee of quality, aftercare or returns? Now this analogy is just using a handbag, breast treatments involve your body. You only get one body and there’s a lot to be considered.

travelling abroad for breast treatments

Treatments abroad are not managed the same way they are in the UK. Within the UK there are certain health guidelines and practices every surgeon must operate by. Likewise, with MedBelle we only use BAAPS & BAPRAS approved surgeons. These surgeons are constantly being tested on their technique and knowledge, they are the best of the best. If you were to travel to another country you may have no way of knowing the surgeon’s credentials or history.

Furthermore, insurance companies may not cover you outside of the UK. Therefore, if there were to be a problem, you’d have to either travel back to your surgeon or pay again in the UK for another surgeon to sort out the problem. If this does happen to you, you may find yourself spending more than if you would have had surgery in the UK. When it comes down to it, do you really want to hand your body over to someone unapproved simply to save money?

MedBelle Is Here To Help

MedBelle Logo MB Global Health

Here at MedBelle, we are here to guide you through all steps of your surgery right through to aftercare. We want to ensure you’re happiness and we want to make you aware of the risks of travelling abroad for breast treatments. Our team cares about your welfare and safety. Should you have any questions about anything you’ve read above please feel free to contact the team and we shall answer your queries.


Style That Reigns Over Us: Timeless British Heritage Style

Us Brits know how to dress, there’s just something innate within the women of our great nation that puts together an outfit like no other. Amongst the many movements of British fashion, there is one look that continues to hold a special place in our hearts. British heritage style can be interpreted in many ways. You can go all out and look like Lady of the Manor or you can doth you hat and just adopt small elements of the style.

As a nation, we’re obsessed with period dramas and the Royal family. Which has meant that our love of all things British has seeped into our wardrobes, sometimes without us even realising.

I say, British Heritage Style Is Still Top Notch

British Heritage Style

You cannot go wrong with a high-quality coat that allows you to head out on the hunt or wander the moors looking for your lost love. Tweed is a wonderfully warm fabric that has an understated style quality. Therefore, it can just as easily be worn with jeans as it can a tailored suit. Preen’s tartan coat allows you to feel womanly whilst remaining cosy. In contrast, you could opt for a red hunting jacket, whether you choose to actually go hunting is a personal preference. Nonetheless, a gorgeous red coat with fare you well in the city too. Think large buttons, military finishing and tailored fabrics if you want to achieve that British heritage look. All you need now is a Mr Darcy.

God Save The Queen

Make like the Sex Pistols and pay homage to all things British, from the Queen to the punk movement. Eclectic style is the order of the day. Mix up textures and colours to show your individuality, keeping something truly British as a key part of your look.

British Heritage Style

Gucci’s mismatch of the Union Jack jumper combined with the “Clueless” tartan skirt screams Sex Pistols. In addition, the image of the burning pup simply ignites the punk flame. In contrast, you have Vivienne Westwood’s tweed suit set with fuschia pink blouse. Westwood has successfully deconstructed the ladylike suit and given it sex appeal and edginess, just like the British woman. Mcqueen’s monochromatic coat is ready for you to take tea with the Queen, from the pearlescent buttons to the elegant cut, wear this and even Kate Middleton will be envious of you.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

British weather may be grey, but that doesn’t mean you need to dress that way. The climate in the UK is as much part of our heritage as our fashion is. Take model Stella Tennant who has teamed up with Isabella Cawdor (former Vogue Fashion Editor) to give Holland & Holland a much needed revamp. They’ve taken the strong identity of the brand and made it relevant for 21st Century women. Tweeds are still in as are tartans, but they are now cool and woven with attitude.

British Heritage Style

However, you choose to wear your style makes it even more wonderful. That’s the beauty of British Heritage style, it’s open to interpretation and only develops as we take moments from the past and make them relevant for the now.



There Are Many Different Breast Types, However, Now You’re Able To Choose Your Ideal Pair.

Breasts are like a box of chocolates you never know what you’re going to get. From puberty onwards, the development of breasts is still a mystery as to how your body will end up developing. For instance, you may dream of large, perky breasts, but mother nature, however, may have something else in mind. Or perhaps, mother nature was far too generous when it came to handing out breasts, and therefore, you’ve been left feeling unhappy. Whatever you’ve been blessed with, you are now able to change them. Due to the advancements of cosmetic surgery techniques, you are now able to select from many different breast types to suit your needs and desires.

Different Breast Types.

different types of breasts

different breast types


Regardless of sizes, breasts will have a definite shape. The shapes will ultimately determine the perkiness and cleavage possibilities of the breasts. For example, the more weight that is carried at the base of the breasts, the more it will droop and require more support. For many women, an uplift will provide the equalisation of the breast tissue and offer much-wanted lift to the breast area.


A common procedure that’s carried out is the correction of asymmetric breasts that can cause a severe lack of confidence for the owner. Should you have asymmetric breasts, a simple surgery could easily correct them, making you feel much better naked. Plus, clothes and lingerie shopping will get a lot easier. It’s not just enlargements or reductions we offer. MedBelle also works to improve all aspects of breasts, from nipple correction to uplifts.



How MedBelle Can Help?

MedBelle Logo MB Global Health

Whatever breasts you have grown, you should know that if you’re unhappy with them or they cause you problems in life, you’re able to change them. Your confidence and self-esteem is priceless and should be your number one priority. Here at MedBelle, our team endeavours to ensure all our patients are happy and their breast treatment journey is as simple as possible. Therefore, if you have any questions or queries or perhaps you would like to start applying for breast treatment, then we are here to help and aid you in any way we can.