Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner That I Love LFW: Highlights From London Fashion Week 2017

The capital has been overrun once again by eager designers, artists, bloggers, and posers all in the name of fashion. London Fashion Week makes even the most mundane of us try to edge up our looks somewhat, in the hope of being papped on the streets. There is no denying there’s something very cool in the air when the fash pack hits the city’s hotspots. It’s been a whirlwind of a week so here are my best moments of LFW AW17.

The Best Moments of London Fashion Week AW17

London Fashion Week


  1. Gareth Pugh’s Dark And Stormy Showcase

    The notoriously emotive and gothic designer didn’t fail to disappoint when he showed at London Fashion Week. The show evoked strong funeral undertones with models donning black veils. Pugh contrasted the eerie widow look with structural shapes and monochromatic colours.

London Fashion Week

Add in the twisted leather boots that give the appearance of melted plastic you’ve got quintessential Pugh style with a little something new for AW17.

2. Christopher’s Kane’s Floral Space Travel Pieces

London Fashion Week

Never one to shy away from a bit of applique, Christopher Kane dazzled us once again with a sequin and flower laden show. The silvery metallics gave me instant 90s throwback to my teenage disco days. I’ll admit the sponge wrapped shoes looked a little DIY fancy dress, but nonetheless, it was all part of the humour we’ve come to expect from the designer.

3. Katy Perry Rocks Up To Christopher Kane

London Fashion Week

It wasn’t just the clothes that got everyone talking at the Kane show. Firework pop star Katy Perry definitely got the crowd worked up as she sat front row. Wearing the designer’s graphic print coat, Perry wowed as she showcased her brand new choppy bob. Katy exuded style and coolness at the event, plus I especially love her brilliant example on how to wear a choker.


4. Feminine Utilitarian Style At Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha sent women of many ages down the runway, which was refreshing to see. It simply confirmed what we’ve all known, fashion is for all. The hardwearing officer coats combined with floaty florals gave the models an element of battling gender norms. Proof if ever, that you don’t have to choose, we can be tough and feminine at the same time. Also, I’m a massive sucker for collar detailing.

London Fashion Week

5. The Long Awaited Burberry Show

Burberry’s shows have become a must watch over the past years. The brand at the helm of Christopher Bailey has gone from strengths to strengths and has been able to shed the chavvy print vibes it was sporting six or seven years ago. As we have begun yearning for Britishness in our designer brand choices, Burberry has come into its own. The year’s lineup didn’t disappoint. Taking inspiration from explorer Henry Moore the clothes had an air of the arctic about them. From the swirling ruffles that reminded you of the frosty tundra to the hard wearing woollen coats the models donned. The vibe was edgy and a lot cooler than recent Burberry years. Wearable but innovative throughout.

6. Charlotte Olympia’s Film Noir Special

Trust Charlotte Olympia to present her AW17 collection in full silver screen loveliness. I was instantly transported back to black and white classics with killer femme fatales.  You couldn’t not want the exsquite heels created, all you need is a pair of seamed stockings and a pistol and you’re good to go. I also enjoy that fashion is exploring other mediums in which to showcase its designers. The Style Oscar definitely goes Charlotte Dellal.


London Fashion Week was wonderful, but now it’s time to pack those bags and prepare for Milan and Paris.

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