Less Working Girl More Working Woman: Make Up That’s Appropriate For The Office

Navigating the pit falls of office dress code and office makeup is a difficult one. How to express your individuality whilst remaining professional? Well, makeup is a quick way add a little personal flair to your appearance whilst adhering to your work’s appearance rules. Let me guide you through what’s appropriate for your office makeup look and what should be left for cocktail hour. Remember, Melanie Griffith in Working Girl? Well, you want to be post makeover with “a head for business and a bod for sin.”

Office Makeup, What You Should And Shouldn’t Wear

Office MakeUpAs you can see from the images above, neutral tones that highlight your best features will allow you to feel elegant and attractive when at work. You shall still retain a professional image and a look this simple shall last all day. On the contrary, there is the overdone look. Heavy eye makeup, overdone brows and dark lips are just overkill. Remember, less is definitely more, you can always keep a lipstick handy and glam up your look once clocking out time rolls around.

Here are a few tips to remember when applying your face in the mornings:

  1. Your makeup needs to last all day; you don’t want to have to keep retouching your look because it’s melting away. Buy quality products and keep it simple.
  2. Get your makeup routine down, so it becomes habit. That way you don’t even have to think about it, thus giving you more time in bed in the morning..
  3. Office makeup should not be distracting; remember, you want people to be listening to what you’re saying without being focused on your face because you’ve decided to try out a new makeup trend that morning.
  4. The wonderful thing about makeup is that it can make you feel more confident and give you a little skip in your step. Take that energy to work with you and you’re bound to do well. Feel confident, but it shouldn’t be obvious that’s it’s the makeup that’s making you feel so powerful.

Investment Products That Will Get You Through Even The Toughest Day At Work

  1. A Good Mascara: Benefit Cosmetics, They’re Real, £19.50

Office MakeupLong, thick eyelashes will make you look more awake instantly, so even if you you’ve been slaving away at your desk, your eyes won’t give you away. I love this mascara, it’s easy to apply and gives instant curl and richness to your lashes.

2. Prep The Skin With A High Quality Primer: Lancôme’s La Base Pro Perfecting Make Up Primer Smoothing Effect Oil-Free, £28.50

Office makeupIf you want smooth and natural looking office makeup, you’ll need to start with a primer.  Due to the fact primers offer an even layer to the skin it will form the perfect base to build your makeup on. Lancôme’s primer is great, even for sensitive skin and contains no oil which will reduce any midday shininess.

3. Add A Hint Of Colour With Your Eyeshadow: Bobbi Brown’s Chocolate Eye Palette £42.50

office makeupInvest in a timeless palette like this Bobbi Brown one, you’ll be able to mix and match colours and it will also take you from the office to the bar seamlessly. Bobbi’s makeup formulas make getting ready so easy and it will fit perfectly in your handbag too.

Feel free to experiment further with other colours, just be sure to pick either lips or eyes. Never add a vibrant colour to both for the office. Keep your office make up subdued and let you work do the talking.