A New Year Dawns & A New You Awakens: What Breast Treatments Are Available To You?

Perhaps you’ve already started planning what resolutions you’re going to make in the New Year? You’ve probably already decided which ones won’t last longer than two weeks. However, have you considered that a fresh new year brings a variety of new opportunities? If you have been considering breast treatments, why not use this as an excuse to begin your surgery journey and start 2017 off feeling great naked?



Breast Treatments Available To You In 2017

  1. Enlargements

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Whether you’re unhappy with your bust size or have lost volume over the years, a breast enlargement could be for you. Breast enlargements use either silicon or saline implants. You have the choice between round or teardrop shaped implants too. Both the shape and material of the implant will have benefits.

When undergoing a breast enlargement the volume of the breast is increased. However, this is measured in cc’s rather than cup sizes. Therefore it’s advised you try the rice test to find your ideal volume.

There is the option of fat transfer, wherein which fat from your thighs is injected into the breast tissue. Of course, you need to consider that this would create two areas that need recovering rather than one.

2. Reductions

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There may be a variety of reasons why a woman may seek breast reduction treatments. For some, the size of their natural breast can cause great discomfort and pain. For others, there may be feelings of awkwardness and a loss of confidence due to breasts being out of proportion with the rest of the body. Whatever the motivation there are breast treatments out there to help.

Breast reduction surgeries typically remove excess breast tissue and skin reducing the volume and giving a lift to any previous sagging.

3. Uplifts

Sex After Breast Surgery

Time, weight and pregnancy can all affect the perkiness of breast tissues. Therefore, if the sagginess of your breasts is causing discomfort or a loss of confidence you are able to undergo a breast uplift. Incisions are created and the nipple area relocated to return the breast to a younger and perkier position.

4. Male Breast Reductions and Transgender Surgeries.

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At MedBelle it’s not simply female breast treatments that we offer. The team is at hand to assist men who for various reasons have large breast tissue deposits. Likewise, we happily work with male to female and female to male patients who are transitioning and seeking surgery. Our greatest concern is your care and happiness. If you have been considering surgery or simply have more questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.