Hair Today, Sensation Tomorrow: 20 Legendary Hairstyles That Shook The World

Hair is an incredibly powerful tool when completing your look. We all have our preferences, routines and we take pride in our dos. However, there are a few legendary hairstyles that have become as famous as the people who sported them.


20 Legendary Hairstyles Ever

  1. Louise Brooks – The Flapper Bob

    Legendary Hairstyles

Brook’s sharply cut bob made her the darling of the silver screen. This flapper style went on to be copied by numerous actresses, musicians and adoring fans. Plus, it marked the end of the depression and the celebration of good times to come.

2. Audrey Hepburn’s- The Gamine Trim

Legendary hairstyles

Not only did Audrey Hepburn give us this legendary hairstyle in Roman Holiday, we also got to witness her transformation from long, luscious locks to this elegant, curled crop. This chic style has been copied numerous times over and truly showcased Hepburn’s striking features.

3. Marilyn Monroe – Platinum Blonde

Legendary Hairstyles

Jean Harlow may have been the first blonde bombshell, but it was Marilyn who elevated that status and made it her own. Women across the globe rushed to grab bottles of peroxide to achieve this look. In addition, celebrities such as Madonna, Kylie and Anna Nicole Smith have copied this style within their own work.

4. Rita Hayworth – Risque Red

Legendary Hairstyles

Rita will always be known for her greatest role, Gilda, but it’s her deep red waves that keep us talking about her decades later. Rita’s hair colour was decided by the studio, who gave her two options. Thankfully, Hayworth chose this red and inspired such characters as Jessica Rabbit.

5. Mary Quant – The Structured Bob

Legendary Hairstyles

Mary Quant is arguably the Queen of the Mod movement. The designer’s structural bob was created by Vidal Sassoon, hair stylist to the stars. This look is now seen to be incredibly high fashion and can be spotted on catwalks around the globe. Therefore, this has to be counted as one of the most legendary hairstyles of all time.

6. Brigitte Bardot – The Sex Kitten Bouffant

Legendary Hairstyles

Bardot’s hair-do screamed sexiness. The undone nature signalled the arrival of the pill and sexual liberation for women. Needless to say, women wanted to be her and men wanted to go to bed with her. It’s all part of that je ne sais quoi.

7. Mia Farrow – The Pixie Cut

Legendary Hairstyles

To this day, Hollywood still goes berzerk if an actress cuts her hair. Mia Farrow, along with the skilled scissors of Vidal Sassoon created this virginal pixie cut that took the world by storm. Ladies said goodbye to their curlers and embraced short, but still feminine hair.

8. Diana Ross – The Afro

Legendary Hairstyles

The afro, of course, had existed way before Diana Ross came along. However, it was the disco diva who brought it into the mainstream. Along with activist Angela Cartwright, black hair became revered as something beautiful and sought after. Black women in the spotlight still receive comments about sporting their natural hair to this day.

9. Farrah Fawcett – 70s Waves

Legendary Hairstyles

The original Charlie’s Angel became an instant heart-throb when she showcased these sun-kissed waves. It was the perfect mix between sporty and disco glam and the boys went mad for it.

10. Debbie Harry – Undyed Roots and Rocker Hair

Legendary Hairstyles

Debbie Harry lived up to her nickname, Blondie, with this hairstyle. The undone, shaggy hair epitomised the band’s rock and rock nature. In addition, the unkempt roots suggested Harry had far more important things to do than worry about her hair.

11. Madonna – 80’s Accessories

Legendary Hairstyles

The 80s were all about piling on the accessories and heading to the club. Madonna ruled this look and soon women were tying bows and scarves into their danced messy hair.

12. Margaret Thatcher – The Power Woman

Legendary Hairstyles

Margaret Thatcher’s hair was often discussed more than her politics. The strong and structure style suggested Maggie was ready for whatever you could throw at her. An iron lady needs iron hair, doesn’t she?

13. Grace Jones – Androgynous Shapes

Legendary Hairstyles

Grace Jones represented the rise of strong feminist women in the 80s, utilising her model androgyny to create futuristic shapes with her hair. Only the very brave followed suit but it definitely marked an important movement for fashion.

14. Lauryn Hill – Dreadlocks

Legendary Hairstyles


Lauryn Hill’s dreadlocks had to make the legendary hairstyles list, simply because, yet again black women wearing their hair in traditional black culture ways still sparks discussion in the media. Hill managed to bring dreadlocks into the mainstream, making them both sexy and cool.

15. Jennifer Aniston – The Rachel

Legendary Hairstyles

There’s no denying that when Aniston had her hair cut and highlighted the world went crazy. The look, now known as the Rachel, after her character in Friends, led many women to try out chunky highlights and feathered layers, sadly we didn’t all pull them off as well as Jennifer.

16. Sinead O’Connor – Shaved Head

Legendary Hairstyles

Sinead O’Connor, ever the political and feminist activist proudly gave the patriarchy the middle finger when she shaved her head. When the rest of the world was fawning over long, glossy locks, Sinead dared to bare all and rock this look.

17. P!nk – Pink Hair

Legendary Hairstyles

P!nk’s choice of colour matched both her name and her persona. The choice to dye it such a shocking colour was both girly and rebellious. The pink hair craze still continues today, except we now opt for pastel washes.

18. Anna Wintour – The Immaculate Bob

Legendary Hairstyles

You cannot mistake Anna Wintour’s silhouette anywhere. The perfect bob and oversized sunnies have become her signature look and copied by many. Once again, we have a powerful woman sporting a very strong hairstyle that maintains her femininity whilst being completely no nonsense.

19. Victoria Beckham -The Pob

Legendary Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham has had more hairstyles than I’ve had hot dinners. Admittedly some have been better than others, the Pob remains her most famous. This showed a more fashionable side to the former Spice Girl. Victoria created such a craze it even became a verb, yes, you can actually get pobbed.

20. Kate Middleton – Princess Hair

Legendary Hairstyles

Kate Middleton’s hair is the most searched term for the princess on Google. The world fell in love with Prince William’s choice of girl and even more so with her brunette waves. Kate has the perfect princess hair, it’s glossy, ladylike and modern. In a time when we’re falling back in love with the Royals, women have been emulating her elegant style.

What will come next for hair is unclear. We now live an age that can transfer pictures onto hair, dye it rainbow colours and even implant another person’s hair into our own head. So, we shall have to wait and see what legendary hairstyles today’s modern stars come up with.