Spring Into Spring And Update Your Seasonal Beauty Looks

We’ve all been waiting through a cold, hard winter to throw off the heavy coats and start embracing the spring. I’m yearning for sunshine, snowdrops, daffodils and baby lambs. What’s more is that spring provides the perfect opportunity to update your seasonal beauty look and reintroduce pastels and petal-like lips into your daily routine.

Spring Seasonal Beauty Looks That Will Have You Looking As Pretty As A Flower.

Seasonal beauty

  1. Pastel Perfect Lids

    Seasonal BeautySpring is the perfect opportunity to update your eyeshadow palette with something softer and more feminine. Gone at the dark days where vampy greys were where it was at. Instead, embrace the lighter evenings and highlight your peepers with gorgeous ice cream tones. My personal favourite is mint, but explore all pastel colours as some skin tones suit certain eyeshadow tones more.  Try this darling palette from MAC in Pastel Times Nine, £25.

2. Think Pink To Make The Boys Wink

Seasonal Beauty


Show off luscious lips with a beautiful pink pout. There’s a multitude of shades out there you can play with. From hot pink that will leave the boys hot under the colour to rose kissed pinks that will make you look like butter wouldn’t melt. The wonder of spring is that everything feels new and pink has never felt fresher. Try the sumptuous Burberry lip velvet in Primrose to get the perfect matte pout, £28.

3. A Fresh Season Calls Out For Fresh Clean Skin

Seasonal Makeup

For this look, you’ll need to ensure your complexion is in it’s best condition. Be sure to drink plenty of water and no matter how many glasses of wine you’ve had, always take your makeup off before bed. Once you’ve got your skin looking smooth and wonderful, take highlighter and make your skin glow. Add elegant Audrey brows and you’re ready to take on the day. This LancÔme highlighter (La Rose À Poudrer)is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it, plus it will look exquisite on your dressing table and your face. £35.

I hope you take the changing of the clocks as an opportunity to update your seasonal beauty look and play around with pretty shades, kissable lips and skin as fresh as the morning dew.


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